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Poster and oral presentation guidelines

Dear Colleague,


You are kindly invited to attend the XIV European Congress of Ichthyology, which will be held in the University of Liège, July, 3 –8, 2012.

In 2012, the Aquarium-Museum of Liège will celebrate its 50th anniversary. This will be a great opportunity to bring together ichthyologists from all specialties. Under the auspices of the European Ichthyological Society, this international meeting will be organized by different laboratories, covering several different disciplines of Fish Biology. The congress will include invited plenary lectures, sessions (oral and poster presentations) and two symposia. The main topics will be:

- Phylogeny, Systematics
- Evolutionary morphology
- Ecology - Fish conservation
- Ethology
- Genetics
- Ecophysiology and ecotoxicology

Master and PhD students are strongly encouraged to present their research. Prizes for best oral and poster presentations will be awarded.

Two symposia will be organized during the congress.

  • Adaptive brain morphology and neuroanatomy in fishes
    (organizer: Dr. Michael Hofmann, University of Bonn, Germany)
  • Integration of fish fossil data into phylogenetic and comparative studies
    (organizer: Dr. Francesco Santini, University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology USA)

Invited Lecturers

BAROILLER Jean-François – CIRAD - Ifremer (France)
Genetic, physiological and environmental mechanisms of sex determination in fishes

FROESE Rainer - Leibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften (Germany)
Life-History Traits of Fishes: A Review with Application for Management of Data-Poor Stocks

HARRIS Matthew - Harvard Medical School (USA)
Monsters from the shallows: genetic analysis of postembryonic development revealing developmental capacity, constraint, and architecture of change

HERNANDEZ Patricia - George Washington University (USA)
Using cypriniform fishes to investigate the origin, function, and morphological evolution of trophic novelties

SCHMUTZ Stefan - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (Austria)
Fishes, do they ever come back?

SEBERT Philippe – University of Brest (France)
Eel male energetic strategy to cross Atlantic Ocean

SLABBEKOORN Hans - University of Leiden (Holland)
Noise impact on fish : disturbance and avoidance in captivity

BRITZ Ralph - Natural History Museum, London (England)
Fish systematics today: Can’t see the wood for the trees?


Liège will as always have plenty to offer you in terms of culture, entertainment, fun, good food, and World famous Belgian beers and chocolate. For cycling lovers, the “Tour de France 2012” will depart from Liège on June 29th.


On behalf of the executive committee,
Pascal Poncin and Eric Parmentier












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